Adults in Year 4

Class 4JG Teachers – Mrs Jones & Mrs Holland
Class 4JG Teaching Assistant – Mrs Townend

Class 4D Teacher – Miss Davidson
Class 4D Teaching Assistants – Mrs Koufopoulou


  • Using written methods to add, subtract, multiply and divide in word problems
  • Fractions and decimals, ratio and proportion
  • Capacity, measurements, time problems, area and perimeter
  • Properties of shapes, drawing 2D shapes, lines of symmetry
  • Reading scales, presenting and interpreting data, metric units
  • Times tables check
  • MTC (Multiplication Tables Check) – statutory test online between Monday 3rd June and Friday 14th June 2024


  • Wind in the Willows: descriptive and figurative language and speech, wanted posters, poetry
  • Persuasive writing – linked to Ufton Court
  • Explanations and Comprehension skills
  • Grammar and punctuation rules
  • Guided reading skills
  • Guided writing

Science (and Outdoor Learning)

  • Sound – pitch, volume and vibrations
  • Animals – including teeth, the human digestive system and food chains
  • Habitats – investigating seasonal changes
  • Year group gardening
  • Pond dipping


  • Vikings
  • Ufton Court Presentation to parents – Date to be confirmed


  • Modern-day Vatican and comparisons with Crowthorne and Ufton Nervet.


  • Spreadsheets
  • Multimedia presentation
  • Research
  • E-safety; staying safe on-line

Design and Technology

  • Cooking (pizza)
  • Weaving


  • Parts of the body and colours
  • Writing sentences: word order, negatives, questions, use of plural, adjectival agreement
  • Songs, games and stories


  • Michelangelo
  • Observational drawing

Art activities – Please keep an old shirt or apron in school at all times.


  • Singing and playing instruments
  • Dimensions of music (pulse, rhythm, pitch etc)
  • Improvision and Composition
  • Charanga music scheme

Physical Education

  • Games – Racket/Bat and Ball Games – Tennis, Kwik Cricket and Rounders
  • Summer dance
  • Swimming (Tuesdays for five weeks of the second half term) – for identified children in Year group
  • Pinewood Gym session Tuesday 14th May
  • Athletics and preparation for Sports Day

Children should come to school in their School PE kit on Mondays and Wednesdays for the first half term. We will inform you about changes to PE days when some children attend swimming lessons after half term. Trainers in preference to plimsolls now please. Water bottles and sun hats required.

Religious Education

  • Judaism – How do Jewish people show commitment?
  • Christianity – Do you have to go to church to be religious?
  • Rabbi visit – 23rd May


  • ‘Healthy me’ including smoking and alcohol
  • ‘Relationships’, including love & loss  
  • Understanding Changes – ‘unique me’ and accepting change  


  • Doodle Maths – 25 minutes (spread out during the week)
  • Doodle Tables  – 20 minutes (spread out during the week)
  • Doodle English – 25 minutes (spread out during the week)
  • Weekly times tables test on Wednesdays
  • Spelling homework (10 min) to be handed in by Tuesday (given out on a Thursday)
  • Daily reading – (at least 5 times) minimum 10 mins per session. To be recorded in Homework Diary

Please check your child’s homework diary regularly and sign it at the end of each week.