PE & Sports Funding 2018-19

The school’s £18,854 grant for PE & Sport in 2018-19 was aimed to ensure children have the chance to:

  • Develop a lifelong love for physical activity
  • Enjoy PE and sport both in school and outside of school
  • Compete in challenging sports activities against their peers
  • Work towards and achieve sporting excellence from a young age

We used this to support our Strategic Aims for PE:

•          High Quality PE teaching supported by an effective assessment system

•          70% of children are members of a school sports club or represent the school at sport

•          Expand the range of sports on offer to raise participation levels

•          Risk assessments in place for all sports and effectively shared with all staff

•          Regular sports reports keep the Oaklands community informed of pupil involvement

We decided that the most effective way of implementing the plan was to use Oaklands school staff to deliver, where possible, all sports and physical activity, including extra-curricular clubs. This is how we used the funding:

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