House Point Certificates:

Each week two children from every class receive a certificate relating to a different aspect of school life..

Autumn Term – Settling Down to Work , Enthusiasm, Concentration in Class, Oral Contribution, Friendship, Reading, English, Creative Work, Mathematics, Consistently Neat Handwriting, Reliability, Ambition, Teachers Choice at Christmas

Spring Term – Improved Writing, Listening, Improved Spelling, Geography, Challenge, Art, Thinking Skills, French, PE, Independence, Computing, Teachers Choice at Easter

Summer Term – History, Philosophy 4 Children, Enjoyment, Science, Design & Technology, RE, Musical Activities, Outdoor Learning, Sportsmanship, Perseverance, Communication, Working Hard All Year, Teachers Choice Leaving

Pride Awards

Pride awards are presented at the end of half term in October, February and May. Children are chosen by staff for a particular theme. In the Autumn Term, the award will be given for presentation.

The Daisy Trophy

The Daisy Trophy is awarded to a child every half term for achievement or special effort in any area of school life. Their names are recorded in a special book near Reception.

Year 6 Trophies

There are several trophies awarded to pupils at the end of Y6 (following the evening performance of the Y6 play) to recognise pupils’ achievements over the years they have been at Oaklands Junior School. In a staff meeting during the last half of the summer term, there is much discussion about pupils who could be nominated before a decision is made, as we like to ensure that all teachers who have taught these children have an opportunity to recommend pupils from their perspective, knowing how they were in Y3, Y4, Y5 and ultimately Y6. Pupils, parents or grandparents are not told about this until it is revealed on the night!

The Teale Trophy is presented to a child who has really blossomed over the years at Oaklands Junior School – someone who has gained confidence, self-esteem and really overcome any barriers, whether this is social, emotional or academic. This person will have shown resilience and determination to succeed but may also have really matured, making a difference not only to themselves but to others.

The Waller Cup is presented for Oracy. This person is very good at public speaking, speaking clearly and recognising the audience that he/she wants to reach. It is about being clear and precise as well as listening, being sympathetic and mindful of the views of others, taking account of these in discussions/debates but being firm and passionate about beliefs in putting across a viewpoint, backed up by evidence.

The Sports Trophy is presented to a boy and a girl who has represented the school in a range of sports and has shown very good team work, as well as good sportsmanship. It is not necessarily the winning that is important, it is the degree to which they have been dedicated in taking part, encouraging team members, celebrating successes but also congratulating others when they win. A good all round sports person who is a credit to the school.

School Achievements

We raised £413.26 for Children in Need

Gold Award
Red Nose Day 
Science into Schools
We saved 533kg of unwanted textiles which converts to 25.05kg CO2