Oaklands Junior School strives to provide the highest standard of learning in an environment where children can flourish and develop, both academically and socially, within a welcoming and caring community.  Our aim is to equip each child with the opportunities to develop a sense of self respect and self confidence along with a lifelong love of learning.  Within a culture of celebration, every child is motivated and supported as they work towards achieving personal excellence.

Examination results show that our children achieve a high standard of academic success which is consistently above the national average.  Oaklands Junior School offers a broad, balanced curriculum which is carefully planned to stimulate interest and encourage children of all abilities to reach their full potential in every aspect of school life.  Learning should be an exciting experience and to this end the children are provided with many opportunities to have ‘fun’ whilst they are learning.

Our school is most fortunate in having excellent staff and governors, well motivated children and very supportive parents.  The school is equipped with many teaching aids and resources, which enhance and support all areas of the curriculum.

We see a positive partnership between home and school as vitally important and one of mutual support, which can only benefit the children.  There is a thriving Parent Teacher Association which provides a great deal of practical help for the school through its busy calendar of social and fund raising events.

Oaklands Junior School is a well established focal point in our community and shares its site with Oaklands Infant School and the Acorn Nursery Unit.  Close links with the Infant school and Edgbarrow Secondary School ensure that children are well placed for their progress through the different stages of their school career.