School Policies (Click on the Policy Title to view)

Oaklands Junior School joined the Corvus Learning Trust in January 2018.  As policies come up for renewal references to the local authority are being converted to Corvus Learning Trust as appropriate.

Anti Bullying E-safety
Accessibility Plan Sex & Relationship Education Policy
Attendance Homework

Covid-19 Behaviour Annex

Medical Procedures & Protocols
Behaviour Statement Penalty Notice Code of Conduct
Charging and Remissions Safeguarding
Complaints Special Educational Needs
Corvus Learning Trust GDPR Policy Corvus Learning Trust Data Retention
Privacy Notice Admissions
British Values Statement Supporting Pupils with Medical Conditions
Most Able & Talented Policy

Parent,Carers & Visitors Conduct Policy

Covid-19 Safeguarding addendum

Remote Learning Policy

Paper copies of the information published on this website may be available without charge to parents on request.