2014 - 2015 School Letter Archive

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Date From Subject
July 2015 Governors Governors' Newsletter
July 2015 Oaklands Junior Summer 2 Newsletter 2015
May 2015 Oaklands Junior Summer 2015 Newsletter 1
Apr 2015 Oaklands Junior Spring 2015 Newsletter 2
Feb 2015 Oaklands Junior Spring 2015 Newsletter 1
Dec 2014 Oaklands Junior Autumn 2014 Newsletter 2
Oct 2014 Oaklands Junior Autumn 2014 Newsletter 1

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Date From Subject
22.07.15 Infant School Building Works
15.07.15 Mrs H West Dinner Money - End of Year Arrangements
08.07.15 School Office Cats Protection League Visit
07.07.15 Mrs H West Staffing for September 2015
01.07.15 School Office Sponsored Run Form Return
26.06.15 Mr B Hill Sports Day & Picnic Lunch
26.06.15 Mr Lee Fun Run Done!
23.06.15 Mr Lee Sponsored Run Information

Sponsored Run Form
15.06.15 Mrs West & Mr McLaren Thank You (Painting & Gardening)
15.06.15 Mr Lee Book Fair Summer 2015
12.06.15 Mr McLaren & Mrs West 2015 Parent Questionnaire - Covering Letter
08.06.15 P.T.A. Non-Uniform Day
08.06.15 P.T.A. 2015 Summer Fete Donations Request
05.06.15 Mrs H West Infant Sports Day Picnic
02.06.15 Mrs H West French Day
02.06.15 Mrs H West Open Afternoon
22.05.15 Mrs H West Missing Library Books
21.05.15 Mrs H West Painting and Gardening Day Saturday 13th June
21.05.15 School Office Meningitis Assembly
08.05.15 Mrs H West Walk to School Week
08.05.15 Mrs H West Edgbarrow Catchment
05.05.15 Mr B Hill Recycling Collection
21.04.15 Mrs H West Change of Provider
Date From Subject
31.03.15 Mrs H West Staffing for September 2015
30.03.15 Mrs H West Non Uniform Day in aid of The Children's Trust Charity
26.03.15 Mrs H West Internet Payments
26.03.15 Mr Lee Bug Club
26.03.15 Mrs H West Homework Working Group
24.03.15 P.T.A. Brentford Vs Reading
Booking Form
18.03.15 Mrs H West Solar Eclipse
06.03.15 Mrs H West Parents' Consultation Evenings
05.03.15 Mrs H West Easter Egg Competition
02.03.15 Mrs H West Comic Relief
26.02.15 Mrs H West New Curriculum Information Evening
05.02.15 School Office Hair and Coats
30.01.15 P.T.A. The Big Quiz 2015
28.01.15 Mrs H West Homework Working Group
26.01.15 Mr S Lee Read for my school
23.01.15 Mrs H West NEW Electronic Communication
23.01.15 Mr S Lee Premier League Reading Stars Online Challenge
23.01.15 P.T.A. Notice of Product Recall
22.01.15 P.T.A. Saracens vs Harlequins Offer
Booking Form
21.01.15 Mrs H West Road Resurfacing & School Closure Procedures
14.01.15 P.T.A. School Disco
14.01.15 P.T.A. Annual General Meeting
14.01.15 Mrs H West Menu Change
13.01.15 School Office New Crossing Patroller
12.01.15 School Office Crossing Patrol - New Wokingham Road
09.01.15 School Office Tubs4Tablets
07.01.15 School Office Milk at School

17.12.14 School Office Christmas Jumper Reminder
9.12.14 Mrs H West Carol Service
2.12.14 Mr J McLaren & Mrs H West 2014 Parent Questionnaire Results
27.11.14 Mrs H West Christmas Jumper Day
24.11.14 P.T.A. Christmas Fayre Donations
20.11.14 Mrs H West Parking Problems
20.11.14 Mr S Lee Book Fair
18.11.14 School Office Christmas Dinner
17.11.14 Mrs H West Match Attax Cards
17.11.14 School Office Lollipop Lady
Nov 2014 P.T.A. Non Uniform Day Years 5 & 6 - Bottles
Nov 2014 P.T.A. Non Uniform Day Years 3 & 4 - Chocolate
Nov 2014 School Office Individual Photograph Deadline
Nov 2014 Mrs H West & Mr B Hill Don't Forget - Tubs4Tablets
Nov 2014 P.T.A. Nearly New Sale
Nov 2014 P.T.A. Fireworks Display Notice
Nov 2014 Mrs H West Children in Need Day
Nov 2014 Communications Working Group Initiatives and Improvements
Nov 2014 Crowthorne Symphony Orchestra You are invited to....
Nov 2014 Mrs West Poppy Appeal
Oct 2014 P.T.A. Fireworks Display
Oct 2014 Mrs H West Life Education Bus
Oct 2014 School Office 100 Club Renewal Reminder
Oct 2014 Mrs H West Individual Photographs
Oct 2014 Mrs H West Parents Evening
Oct 2014 School Office Football Boot Exchange
Oct 2014 Mrs H West & Mr B Hill Tubs4Tablets Collection Scheme
Sept 2014 Joint Schools Parking
Sept 2014 PTA PTA Fundraiser through Reading FC
Sept 2014 School Office Fact Family Parenting Seminar
Sept 2014 Mrs West Harvest Festival
Sept 2014 School Office School Meal Change
Sept 2014 Mrs West Parent Teacher Forums
Sept 2014 Mrs West Permission Slip for General Activities
Sept 2014 Mrs West Welcome Back Letter
July 2014 School Office Menu Change - September 3rd

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